Friday, 21 June 2013

Number one best seller in anarchism!

The Anarchist Revelation by Paul Cudenec is currently showing up as "#1 Best Seller in Anarchism" on the Amazon website!

So don't miss out - jump on that bandwagon and get hold a copy today! We reckon the book's fairly priced - £7.99 for the printed item and £3.40 for the Kindle version in the UK.

In Europe it's Euros 9.14 and Euros 3.98 for the Kindle and in the USA at the time of writing there's a special price of  $10.30 for the book and $5.34 for the Kindle.

Mentions of the book are starting to appear all over the place - such as on Infoshop, Anarchist News, A Pinch of Salt, Tír na Saor and, here in Sussex, The Porkbolter - plus a quite a few Tweets flying about.

If anyone wants any more information about the book, about using excerpts from it or about interviewing the author, please get in touch with us at winteroak(at)

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